Termite Inspections Are an Important Part of Termite Control

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If you are worried about termites, termite inspections are an important part of termite control. In the summer, termites are more active. In winter, they slow down to avoid the cold, so it is important to keep a constant watch on your property. During these times, you can contact a professional termite inspector to perform a WDIR. In addition to using special tools, a professional inspector can also provide you with a copy of the report that will explain the damage.

The Secret Of Termite Inspections Are An Important Part Of Termite Control

In order to identify the presence of these pests, termite inspectors use sensitive instruments to listen for termite chewing noises. A thermal imaging camera can detect these sound patterns to determine the level of activity. Once the inspector has discovered signs of termite infestations, the inspection can be performed to detect the existence of new colonies. After the inspection, a treatment plan can be formulated for the home.

To identify whether your home is infested with termites, a termite inspection will include an exterior home inspection. The inspector will carefully inspect the foundation, windows, and eaves. They will also thoroughly check the interior of cabinets and closets. In addition to checking the structure, a termite inspector will look into landscaping and trees for signs of termites. In addition, the inspector will take photographs of the wood that is affected, indicating a possible infestation.

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